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Services and Specialties

  • Relationship and Marriage Therapy
  • Relationship and marriage therapy is a non-judgmental process through which any couple (married or otherwise) works with a specialized psychologist or counselor to develop the courage, confidence and compassion that it takes to share each other’s vulnerabilities, in aim of repairing or strengthening the connection and trust necessary for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship. Diverse cultures, religions and traditions often lead to the fusion of two people in both intriguing and challenging ways and therapy seeks to unite people despite the hardships that couples often experience. Therapy is based on well-researched and applied best-practices developed by leading experts in the area of relationship and marriage therapy. Areas of specific conflicts are addressed and resolved through open and honest dialogue. The therapist facilitates effective conflict resolution skills and enhances communication between individuals for decision making clarity, emotional acknowledgment and growth within the relationship. Working with a therapist in a safe and confidential setting, couples are able to explore how their unique experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and interpersonal dynamics may be impacting their relationship in both positive and negative ways and work toward deepening and encouraging their spiritual, physical and emotional bond.

    Sometimes the best relationships can develop when two people come to realize that marriage is inhibiting their individual or relationship health. There are few reasons that couples may consider separation and divorce, including abuse of any nature, perpetual and unresolved hostility toward each other or their children, untreated physical or psychological conditions that can jeopardize the health and safety of the relationship or family, or any significant change in circumstances that places irreversible strain on the couple or family. While we seek to preserve the integrity of the relationship and strive for a deeper marital bond based on mutual respect, equality and growth, at times couples seek support at a very late stage and divorce may be inevitable. We offer the guidance and assistance to help couple’s through the quagmire of divorce proceedings through amicable mediation and provide expert advice necessary to prevent long-term anxiety or trauma that is often experienced in couples and their families. We work closely with family lawyers who specialize in expatriate and local laws concerning divorce processes, child custody matters, and asset management.