ABA Pricing

AED 410 per hour

We recommend at least 10 hours per week for ABA services to ensure your child benefits from the therapy(which means a minimum of AED 4,100 per week in fees)

There are no hidden costs, our rate covers all materials, meetings and reports including:

  • VB-MAPP assessment and comprehensive report
  • Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) with observable measurable goals and objectives
  • Treatment planning meeting with parents and all relevant professionals
  • Delivery of evidence-based treatment methods by supervised therapists
  • Development and implementation of evidenced-based behaviour management plan
  • Six week progress reports and meeting with parents
  • BCBA/BCaBA case management and supervision
  • All necessary instructional/therapeutic materials
  • Daily graphing of child performance
  • Daily data-based decision making by supervisors
  • Graphing completed outside of session
  • Coordination of services with other professionals
  • Development of transition reports

Payment Terms

The fees for your child will be determined on a month by month basis, whereby fees will be paid one month in advance.
If your child is not going to attend a session, please inform us 24 hours before the session. If we are informed of a cancellation of a session within 24 hours of the session, you will be charged full rate for the session.