Volcano Activity

Skill Level: Early Learner/VBMAPP Level 1/2

Description: Exploding Volcano

Materials: Tub, cup, spoon, baking soda, food coloring, bottle of water, vinegar, gloves

ABLLs-R goals: C9, C12, D1, F5, F8, G2, G7, H2

Pros: It’s really fun to watch the vinegar react and explode!

Cons: Food coloring can stain, so wear gloves and a smock to protect against stains

Step 1: Collect materials in a tray. Put on gloves.

Mands: Gloves (F5)

Tacts: Bottle (G2), Cup (G2), Spoon (G2)

Step 2: Open water bottle and pour water in cup.

Mands: Open (F8), Bottle (F5), Pour (F8)

Tacts: Pouring (G7)

Listener Responding: Give me cup (C12)

Step 3: Add baking soda and mix it into the water.

Mands: Baking soda (F5), Spoon (F5), Open (F8), Scoop (F8), Sprinkle (F8), Mix (F8)

Tacts: Spoon (G2), Baking soda (G2)

Imitation: Mixing with spoon (D1)

Step 4: Open food coloring, pour in a little, and mix ingredients.

Mands: Food coloring (F5), Open (F8), Pour (F8), Mix (F8)

Tacts: Opening (G7)

Step 5: Pour vinegar in the cup.

Mands: Vinegar (F5), Open (F8), Pour (F8)

IV: Ready, steady…(go) (H2)

Listener Responding: High 5 (C9)