Playdough Activity

    Skill Level: e.g. Early-Intermediate Learner/VB MAPP Level 1-2

    Description: Make animals, shapes, and designs out of playdough

    Preparation: Playdough, cutters, rolling pins, various playdough accessories

    ABLLS goals: C2, C9, C16, D1, F5, F8, J2, F16, G1, G2, G7,H1, H2, H4

    Pros: Easy to prepare and easy to run

    Cons: Be aware that some children will attempt to put the playdough in their mouths

    D1: Copy me -(Roll Rolling Pin)

    G1: What is it? (Playdough)

    C16: Show me knife

    F5: Playdough

    F8: Open

    J2: Open playdough

    F16: Purple Playdough

    F5: Cow

    H1: Old McDonald had a farm...'EIEIO'

    H4: A cow says...

    F16: Green playdough

    F8: Roll

    C2: Roll the playdough

    J2: Roll playdough

    G2:What is it? (Fish)


    G7:What am I doing? (Pushing)

    H2:Ready, steady...'go'