Milk Fireworks Experiment

Skill Level: Intermediate learner (VB MAPP Level 2)

Description: Watch the fireworks as the colors explode and swirl!

Materials: Plate, cup, fork, milk, food coloring (different colors), tissues, and washing up liquid.

ABLLs-R goals: Mand (F5, F8, F16, F17), Tact (G2, G7, G21), Listener (C17, C24, C34, C37/G15, C39/G17), Intraverbal (H2, H8, H9, H14, H18)

Step 1: Get your materials ready.

Step 2: Pour the milk into the plate, just enough to cover the bottom.

Mands: “Pour milk” (F5+F8), “Pour milk in plate” (F17)

Tacts:“Cup” (G2); “Plate” (G2)

Listener Responding:“show me the one you drink from” (C37/G15)

Intraverbal:“What do you put food on? _____” (H8)

Step 3: Pour small amounts of food coloring into the milk

Mands:“Pour food coloring” (F5+F8), “Green food coloring” (F16)

Tacts:“Pouring” (G7)

Listener Responding:“Red food coloring” (C24)

Intraverbal: “tell me a color...____” (H14)

Step 4: Try to keep the food coloring in a small area of the milk

Step 5: Pick a 2nd food coloring and pour small amounts in different sections of the milk – try not to let the colors mix yet!

Mands: “Red food coloring” (F16), “Open food coloring” (F5 + F8)

Tacts: “Opening” (G7)

Listener Responding: “Closing” (C34)

Intraverbal: “Milk is a type of.. ____” (H18)

Step 6: Dip a fork in washing-up liquid

Mands: “Dip fork” (F5+F8), “Dip fork in soap” (F17)

Tacts: “Fork”, “Tissue” (G2) (G7)

Listener Responding: “show me the one that is a utensil…” (C39/G17) (C34)

Intraverbal: “what do you do with a tissue ____” (H9)

Step 7: Dip the fork in the milk between the food coloring blobs, and watch the food coloring move and the colors explode!

Mands: “Fork” (F5), “Soap” (F5), “Dip” (F8)

Tacts: “Soap” (G4), “Dipping fork” (G21) (G7)

Listener Responding: “Show me the one you use to wash your hands…”(C37/G15)

Intraverbal: “Ready steady ___” (H2)