Elephant Toothpaste

Skill Level: Advanced Learner/Level 3 VBMAPP

Description: Make a (gently) exploding potion of “elephant toothpaste”

Materials: Tray, one empty bottle, one bottle of warm water, cup, yeast, dish soap, food coloring, hydrogen peroxide, gloves, tissues

ABLLs-R goals: C37, C39, F5+F8, F16, F17, G2, G13, G15, G17, H23, H24

Step 1:Collect Materials in a tray. Put on gloves.

Mands: Put the gloves on your hands (F17)

Tacts:bottle (G2); dish soap (G2); empty bottle (G13); full bottle (G13)

Listener Responding:show me the one you drink with (C37/G15)

Intraverbal:What do you use to brush your teeth? (H24)

Step 2: Pour hydrogen peroxide into the empty bottle.

Mands: Open bottle (F5+F8); in the bottle (F17)

Step 3: Add dish soap.

Mands:Pour dish soap (F5+F8); pour dish soap in the bottle (F5+F8+F17)

Intraverbal: what do you do with dish soap? (H24)

Step 4: Add food coloring

Mands:(color) +food coloring (F16); open food coloring (F5+F8); pour food coloring (F5+F8); pour food coloring in the bottle (F5+F8+F17)

Tacts: pouring food coloring (G21)

Listener Responding: show me the one you wipe with (C37+G15)

Intraverbal: what’s your favourite color? (H23)

Step 5: Mix a spoon of yeast and warm water in the cup.

Mands: small spoon/ big spoon (F16); mix yeast (F5+F8); mix yeast quickly/slowly (F5+F8+F16)

Listener Responding: show me the one that’s cutlery (C39/G17)

Step 6: Pour warm water and yeast solution into second bottle and watch the solution bubble up!

Mands: Pour yeast (F5+F8); Pour yeast in bottle (F17); squeeze bottle (F5+F8)