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Laura Gorodokin specializes in clinical psychotherapy and works with individuals, couples and families in a warm and confidential atmosphere. Laura is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived throughout her life and developed her career as a Clinical Psychologist. She has vast experiences working with patients with various pathologies in different professional environments and settings. Currently, Laura practices as a licensed Counselor of Clinical Psychology at The Psychology Center of the Carbone Clinic of Dubai. While living in Dubai for over three years, she has a unique understanding of expatriate living and brings familiarity and comfort to the Latin and Spanish community in the UAE and offers the full range of psychotherapy services in Spanish or English.

Therapeutic Approach

Laura’s training in psychodynamic therapies allows for her to individualize treatment plans for her clients, based on their cross-cultural histories and needs. Her therapeutic aim is to alleviate the anguish that people suffer by creating a supportive and collaborative space. Laura helps to unblock what is causing the psychological affliction and gives people the tools to know themselves and how to best resolve their conflicts and improve their lives.

Laura specializes in working with various clinical disorders, including, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders and acculturation difficulties.

Educational and Professional Background

Laura earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where she graduated with honors. She subsequently completed her Master’s Degree (MSc) in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health and trained at the Clinical Hospital of Buenos Aires. She also received comprehensive clinical training in different complementary areas, such as, hospitalization, referrals, psychological diagnostic testing, psychopharmacology concepts, research and other related mental health fields. Laura worked at the hospital for approximately 5 years, and served patients from diverse cultures and backgrounds who struggled with a wide spectrum of psychopathologies. She also worked for different clinics in the private sector in Argentina and developed her own private practice in Buenos Aires.

In addition to her practice as a Clinical Psychologist, Laura taught “Physiopathology and Psychosomatic Sickness”, at the University of Buenos Aires. She studied and researched the influences and interconnectedness of mental suffering with organic diseases. She also teaches “Psychopathology” in Brecha DMT. For more information about Laura’s expertise and services, please email her at: