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Services and Specialties

  • Family Counseling and Parenting Support
  • Our Clinical Psychologists and Counselors offer personalized and confidential support to address a family’s specific needs, within the context of their environment, culture and history. The involvement of family members is often essential when resolving an individual’s problem, as family support lends to the psychological health for everyone. Family therapy explores how dysfunctional patterns, beliefs or behaviors may have developed and persisted over the years and family therapy benefits all through deepening their understanding and empathy for others, enhancing problem-solving skills, creating stronger ties despite distances or differences and enhancing family systems.

    Parenting programs are also designed to nurture the healthy development of interpersonal interactions between parents, siblings and extended families. Expert guidance for single-parent families, cross-cultural families, diverse families, and blended families is available without prejudice or discrimination. Emotional intelligence skills are fostered in caregivers and children within any type of family dynamic for greater respect, joy and fulfilment for all.