ABA:Applied Behavior Analysis

BCaBA:Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst

BCBA:Board Certified Behavior Analyst

VB-MAPP:Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Programs

You have found our website and taken the first step to help your child. Through this page we hope to answer a few of your initial questions. Please e-mail us at info@TheCarboneClinic.ae if you have further questions.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of understanding and improving socially significant behavior. Our therapists and supervisors work with each child based on their own individualized needs. Therapy includes:

  • Teaching communication using vocal or sign. An example of this is teaching a child to request items.
  • Teaching pay skills.
  • Teaching language skills such as listener responding.
  • Teaching social skills as intiating conversation with other children.
  • Teaching independent living skills(self-help). Examples incude toilet training, teeth brushing, dressing themselves.
  • Improving students performance skills as reading, writing, math ans spelling using Direct Instruction(DI)

Professionals most qualified to deliver ABA services are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). They are individuals who have had years of training and experience in applying the principles of ABA. They have passed an international competency examination and have received board certification though the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) in the United States. The Carbone Clinic has several of these qualified individuals who supervise the provision of service to all children in our center.

This is a general look at ABA. We would be happy to go into more detail at an initial intake meeting

I suspect that my child may have autism, what do I do?

The fact that you are on this website and reading means you've taken the first step. The next step is to give us a call on +971 453 9810 or send us an email with your information to info@thecarboneclinic.ae. We can then organize an intake meeting to discuss your child’s needs.

What happens when I pick up the phone and give you a call?

After giving you any further information you need, we will ask if you want to set up an intake meeting with our Lead BCBA. During this meeting:

  • Our Lead BCBA will explain in detail how the therapy works
  • Our Lead BCBA will go through a series of questions with you to get to know more about your child and how he or she interacts with you
  • A therapist and supervisor will be with your child having a get-to-know-you session, which will be reported on at the end of the meeting with the Lead BCBA. After the meeting we will advise you whether our therapy is suited to your child’s needs and if so the number of hours of therapy per week your child will need.

The intake meeting is free of cost. If you decide to enroll your child the fee is AED 410 an hour. The minimum requirement for an ABA program is 10 hours a week. Clinical evidence shows that less than 10 hours per week may not provide benefit to your child.

What happens when I pick up the phone and give you a call?

There are no hidden costs. Our rate covers all materials, meetings and reports including:

  1. VB-MAPP assessment and comprehensive report
  2. Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) with observable measurable goals and objectives
  3. Treatment planning meeting with parents and all relevant professionals
  4. Delivery of evidence-based treatment methods by supervised therapists
  5. Development and implementation of evidenced-based behavior management plan
  6. Progress reports and meeting with parents every six weeks
  7. BCBA/BCaBA case management and supervision
  8. All necessary instructional/therapeutic materials
  9. Daily graphing of child performance
  10. Daily data-based decision making by supervisors
  11. Graphing and paper work completed outside of session
  12. Coordination of services with other professionals
  13. Development of transition reports (as necessary)

I live in Dubai but I don't want to come to the clinic, I want the therapist to come to me.

We do not offer home therapy sessions. A clinic-based program is best suited for the children we treat, as it allows us to have access to all materials and supervisory staff are always on hand. However, if you wish to carry out home services with your own therapist, or as parents, we can support you in this endeavor. We provide consulting services through our Consultant BCBAs, who will come to your home to develop a plan that you or your therapist can run at home. We will provide supervisory support and training. This is at a cost of AED 600 per hour.

What if I don’t live in the UAE or live a long distance from the clinic?

We can still help you. We can provide a comprehensive assessment and training session in our clinic with your child, your family and any treatment persons who accompany you. If you choose this option please send a video to judy.h@thecarboneclinic.ae.

  • If your child already has a therapist then please send us a sample of the sessions.
  • If your child does not have a therapist then please send us a few minutes of your child engaging in an activity. An example of this could be your child interacting with the primary caregiver, answering questions about a book you've read together or discussing a topic they enjoy or even just them playing. Also include the child requesting an item (water, food, a toy). The reason why we need this video is to get an idea of how your child communicates.

The video will be reviewed by our Lead BCBA. You will hear back from us on whether our therapy is a good fit for your child. This process is free of cost. If you decide to accept this option our Lead BCBA will let you know how many days we recommend to bring your child to our clinic (we typically recommend between 3-5 days, 6 hours a day). During this consult your child will be assessed and training will be provided to the family and to the child's therapist/ care provider. After the assessment and training we will provide you with a program that can be run in your home. We will continue to support your child's development from Dubai either through Skype or with telephone meetings. Please call us for pricing.

I don't have a therapist in my home. What should I do?

We can train you to provide therapy to your child, or we can help locate a therapist for you.

Can I attend the consultation sessions when we come to the clinic in Dubai?

Absolutely, the parent or primary caregiver can attend the sessions. In fact, we encourage it and we will train you while you are with us. This is included in your price.

That all sounds great but how are you different than all the other clinics out there?

We run a highly supervisory model of therapy, are focused on training and are very data rich. What does this mean? Well, first let's talk about what is a highly supervisory model. When your child comes into the clinic, the child works with our therapists. Those therapists are supervised during your child's session by a credentialed (BCaBA/BCBA) supervisor. We expect that a supervisor is overlooking your child and his or her therapist for at least half of each session on average to ensure your child is instructed correctly and within our program parameters. We are focused on training. Before our therapists can work with children, we expect them to go through our thorough on-boarding training which includes examinations and competency based evaluations. Any new therapist is provided additional supervisor time and constantly monitored. We also test our therapists every month to make sure our therapists’ performance meets our high standards.

Many other clinics use a one size fits all treatment plans, we do the opposite of that. By using sophisticated assessment tools such as the VB-MAPP our therapists and supervisors develop an Individual Treatment Plan that is tailored specifically to your child's needs. We record and analyze data related to your child’s performance continuously. Throughout any working day, we only expect our therapists to work a maximum of five hours with children. During this time they capture data, but in their other three hours at work, they complete data charts and analyze those data to ensure your child is making maximum progress against their individual plans. We also provide you with the chance to learn with your child. By training the parent or the caregiver we are giving parents the option to be as involved in their child's treatment as they can be.

While others may charge extra for the above, it is included in our hourly fee.

We have heard from other clinics that they have been trained in the Carbone Clinic methods. Is this true?

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so we see it as a compliment that other clinics have been attempting to copy the Carbone Clinic model of treatment for children with autism. However, there are a number of clinics that are going further and saying that they have been trained in our methods. In the spirit of reporting on fake news, do not believe everything you hear. We are selective about the clinics we choose to work with and if a clinic tells you that they work with us, use our methods, or have been trained by us, come talk to us. We are open about who we work with and do not want you to be drawn in purely by marketing and no facts.

We are open to working with other clinics because we want to raise the bar for services. Our services are complex, take years of training and supervision to implement properly, and rely on skilled therapists to achieve the best outcome. We do not take shortcuts, and only use evidenced based practices (clinical evidence that is reported in peer reviewed journals) and take training of staff seriously. We push clinics that work with us to have the same ethos.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our program and how our services may be helpful to your child and your family.If you have any other questions please give us a call on +971 453 9810 or send us an email to info@thecarboneclinic.ae.

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